"A world of forbidden sweets beckons beyond the wall of sleep..."

Rococo is a tiny spook-em-up from the Haunted-PS1 community.

Special Thanks to Christian, Minnie, Coopster, and MoArtis for feedback! 

More games: https://itch.io/jam/haunted-ps1-summer-spooks/entries

Music: https://twitter.com/AzuriteCoast/status/1292574037080780803?s=20

Update(8-30-20): Optimizations, particularly to graphics. Fullscreen toggle with F11 in desktop build. Better blending for glowing objects, smoother gradients. Better resetting after trampoline breaks in epilogue. Some bug fixes. 

Update (8-16-20): Added Epilogue! After credits, you can freely roam the level and collect cookies from various locations. Also there's a windows desktop build you can download. During the epilogue, hold R to reset the player. Hold ESCAPE to exit the desktop build, or restart the level in WebGL. 

Update (8-9-20): small graphics and performance improvements

Updated 22 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date 47 days ago
Made withUnity
Tagsbounce, cookie, Cute, Dreams, Horror, jump, Retro, rococo, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Cute and fun, with a cool way to end it. I think you nailed the feel of just being in a weird-ass dream that slowly works it's way into a nightmare. And being able to free-bounce afterwards was a lot of fun, too.


Such a gem on this jam, meaning that it's so colorful unlike other games and the theme itself. Loved the graphics, sound and sound programming is on an another level. Physics mechanic screams what more can you do with it. Great game, I tried to write something constructive but not very pleasing but I really can't see any flaws in this game.


I like the style

Speedrun in 1:12.86
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That was absolutely lovely to play, thank you for creating this! Super calming and relaxing. It felt like one of those dreams where you could suddenly jump real high but then are super afraid to fall. Well you got rid of the falling, so it's good feels all around.

Doesn't let me move.

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The best trip i have in a long time. And one of the most creative gameplay for a limited mechanic. 10/10 !!!


Let's leave Earth

Amazing! The effects there at the end were gorgeous.


Wow this was cool! i would love to see a full game with this concept! maybe a platformer or something?


this is a very interesting game! Please make more!


This game is great, especially after the credits, once you start to free roam.  It's such a chill game to explore and mess around with.  And the idea it self is pretty cool, like it's a dream of a child.  Pretty fun.

P.S.  I think I went too fast and too high cause even after I reset, I was able to glitch under the map (which makes it more fun).


Great shot! I remember spending hours trying to break out of maps in THPS1 and love to see people doing that in my game. Glad you enjoyed it and made best of the jank! :) 


This was pretty damn cool experience, loved it! How did you make the cool jelly floor made, was it made with a shader?


Thank you! I used shadergraph extensively for everything. Amazing new tool to make these wild graphics. The position of an invisible physics spring floor drives the displacement in my ground shader.


Woooow thats cool I'm gonna try it !

I love the mood of your game, simple idea and awesome execution <3

What a trip xd


This is a weird fever dream


Made a video - Starts at - 8:43


Finally able to give it a playthrough and recording - I like the style where things look playful then turn 'for the worse' - the 'horror visuals' scratch a good itch which would make me love to see how you'd tackle a retro, pixelated first person style horror game - or, survival horror perhaps . . 


really enjoyed this game, even though its short, i'll remember it for a while.


It was a really fun game to play it and was really pretty :) the colours that you used were really nice 

also here's my video I made lol 
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In the first time I got problems with these mechanics of bouncing but now I get it. I love this game even though I'm scared of high heights :D


Really good game! i wish it was longer tho!

i loved the bouncing mechanics,the snake at the end reminded me of the basilisk from harry potter 2!


Okay, so I thought perhaps I might be an idiot (and maybe I still am), but I literally cannot figure out the bounce mechanic. I've tried to play this game 3 different times and I can't get past "Hold shift while falling then hold space to bounce". I watched a video of someone play this and it seemed so easy. I figured I was just a dunce, but I got one of my mates to try it, and without even showing him what my technique was he did the exact same thing as me and couldn't progress. Is anyone else having this issue? I press space to jump, I press shift once im about to fall, and then I hold space and nothing happens.

i also cant figure it out, i hold shift while i fall, i hold space while im on the floor and nothing happens.

I'm wondering if it could be a browser/OS issue? (Unity WebGL is not well supported)  It sounds like you're doing it right but just for sanity I'm writing out the process below. 

Jump: You must be touching the ground in order to jump. When the ground is flat, you can press space to make a small jump, but the jumping turns into bouncing as the trampoline starts to stretch downward. 

After gaining a little momentum, jumping works like this:

1. wait until you're in contact with the trampoline

2. hold down space

3. continue to hold space until you are in the air again

Fall Faster: you get extra downward force as long as you hold down shift. The force is scaled with how high you are when you start pressing. It's applied continually until you touch the ground, then it resets to 0. 

Let me know what browser/OS you're using and any updates if you try again. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. 


Loved it! Are there any secret endings?

Nope but that's an interesting idea! Thanks for playing. 


I only wish it had more content

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the mechanic is awesome.  and it give me goose bumb cuz im scare of high  place


Amazing Game-ending !

I really love the bounce mechanic and sounds XD


That was really fun! the bounce mechanic was so satisfying. Very cool


Great game, I just remembered it was a horror game at the end xD


I can't do reach the cookie :(


i love this so much!!! it feels very satisfying and the visuals/sounds are so good. such a unique idea. great job!! ^~^