WASD / Mouse-Left to Tilt. Mouse-Right to Orbit.

Simplified from desktop build to play in browser! 

+ better controls, orbit camera

- sound mixing, environmental details, lighting, bull shakes!

Update! (7-11-2020) Removed crash causing bug.

Update! (7-10-2020) This page will eventually revamp with a new desktop build.

Game by Colter Wehmeier (@abstitial)

Music by Azurite Coast ( http://azuritecoast.bandcamp.com )

Graphic Design/Identity by Scott Cotterell (@skcotterell)


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it crashed for some reason, just as i was reaching the goal :c

That's so sad! You're a winner in my book. I will revisit this project again in the future to perhaps add more scary elements, optimize, and squash some bugs. Thanks for letting me know about the crash. 


:D love your games tho, i jjust played your entry for the haunted ps1 gamejam... i still wonder how have you managed to make that cool bouncing effect :O